The global rig market is experiencing a major oversupply of offshore units – driven by a combination of low oil price, large aging fleet and influx of newbuilds. Recycling of old drilling assets is a necessary step to regain balance in rig supply and demand, yet disposing assets in a responsible, safe and environmentally friendly manner can be costly and time consuming for organizations with limited experience in handling the process.


To meet the increasing demand for recycling services, Bassoe Offshore can also support contractors in all phases of the Green Recycling process, ensuring that assets are disposed of responsibly, safely and sustainably, and according to relevant regulation and legislation.


Our One Stop Solution enables contractors to focus on operating drilling assets – not disposing old ones. Bassoe Offshore manages the entire process on behalf of rig owners to ensure that commercial, technical and regulatory issues are properly addressed and maximum residual value is retained for owners.

“One Stop Shop” recycling services

Bassoe Offshore services

  • Audit buyers and recycling yards.
  • Review and assess rig equipment and inventory to identify added value in recycling process.
  • Exchange technical / commercial documents and communicate clarifications.
  • Coordinate and attend rig inspections.
  • Lead commercial and contractual negotiations, including restrictions to prevent future competition.
  • Draft S&P agreement.
  • Manage transportation solutions.
  • Coordinate recycling documentation and green recycling procedures (if applicable).

Bassoe Services Graph

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