Project development

Bassoe Offshore has established 11 companies in the offshore drilling, accommodation, FPSO, well-intervention, data services, engineering, and wind turbine installation markets

Founded by Bassoe in 1997; AMEX listed.
Constructed five Mod VB ultra premium jackups; $600 million capital invested.
Acquired by ENSCO in 2002.
Founded by Bassoe in 1999.
Owned and operated three drillships, one semi and one DP FPSO.
Acquired by Noble in 2010.
Founded by Bassoe in 2001; NASDAQ listed.
Operated the largest lift boat fleet worldwide, and the largest jackup rig fleet in the U.S. Gulf.
Full service floating rig engineering & design company.
Sold to CIMC Offshore in 2013/2017
Founded by Bassoe in 2005.
Aimed to convert tanker to DP FPSO.
Assets sold in liquidation; Aug 2011.
Acquired and developed by Bassoe in 2002.
Became the world's leading provider of offshore market intelligence, data, market research and consulting services.
Sold to IHS in April 2011.
Founded by Bassoe in 2005.
Constructed and operated seven jackups; $1 billion capital invested.
Acquired by Seadrill in 2010.
Founded by Bassoe in 2006.
Constructed and operated three harsh environment lift boats; $400 million capital invested.
Acquired by Riverstone in Jan 2010 @1.3× construction cost.
Founded by Bassoe in 2006.
Constructed and operated two semisubmersible accommodation vessels; $600 million capital invested.
Oslo Børs listed in 2010.
Taken private Sep 2011 at 1.4× IPO price.
Formerly BassDrill; Founded by Bassoe in 2007.
Constructed and operated one tender barge and two new generation tender semis; $750 million capital invested.
HitecVision became majority shareholder in 2011.
Founded by Bassoe in 2014 with Etesco and a Brazilian investor.
One BT-4000 Well Intervention semi under construction at DSIC; total investment $400 million.
Project currently on hold.

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